Friday, 27 March 2009

Press Conference-PR Publicity


• HADOVICH Company is one of the beauty cosmetics industry’s bright stars from Indonesia. Our company was established on 15 October 1990. Our headquarters is in Sudirman, Jakarta. We distributed our products to 5 countries.
• This press conference to mark the launching of our latest product CLC Perfume. CLC has a meaning which is “Cupid Loves Couple”. Inside the packaging it has two bottles because our concept is perfume for couples.
• Our objective is to make more romantic feeling. This perfume has a long-lasting fragrance until 48 hours.
• On 25 June 2008 we are proudly launching this perfume at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.
• The target audience of CLC perfume are:
>> For all gender (male and female), for teenager and adult.
>> Income level : middle up (B1 and A).
>> Geographic : Big city.
>> Psychographic : dynamic and modern.
• The price of CLC perfume is Rp.600.000,- (six hundred thousand rupiah) for one package which is for 2 items. We also can sale this perfume per item with different price which is Rp350.000,- (three hundred thousand rupiah).
• If people having an idea for a great gift, our website offers special packages that include some extra items in a gift basket or box.
• The customers are our strength, support, and our family.
• We have a member card for the customers who have bill amounting to Rp.1.500.000, - (one million five hundred thousand rupiah). So, the customers can get a discount (10%) for the process buying about Rp.700.000,-

For more information please visit our website:


 Spoke Person introducing the key messages : 5 minutes
 Question session by Reporter 1 and 2 : 2 minutes
 Answer session by Spoke person : 3 minutes


• Reporter 1 (go girl magazine).
1) What is the advantage of CLC perfume?
2) Why your companies choose that place to launch CLC perfume?
3) Why this perfume for couple?

• Reporter 2 (Gen fm Radio).
1) Who is the biggest competitor?
2) Do you think people will like your perfume?
3) Who is the MC of your product launching?
4) Who is the guest star of your product launching?


The answer for reporter 1:
1) We have so many advantages of CLC perfume are:
- People can buy with the compatible price for two items.
- CLC perfume can be purchased at our company website.
- It also safe for sensitive skin.
- CLC perfume does not leave a spot on your clothes.
- Easy to buy.
- Can be carried easily.
2) We choose Grand Indonesia because Grand Indonesia is one of the
Luxurious and strategies place in Jakarta. It will give a good image to
our company.

3) We made this perfume for couples because we want to make our
product different with the others. Beside that, we want to make a new
innovative. No other cosmetics companies that produced perfume for

The answer for reporter 2:

1) Our biggest competitor is The Body Shop and we will invite them in our
Product launching.
2) CLC perfume is the answer for people who like perfume with smells
Great, very soft, the bottle shape is very unique and people can get easily at compatible price.
3) We will invite Indra Bekti and Nirina Zubir as the MC.
4) We will invite Nidji, Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor, Afghan, and Bunga Citra Lestari as our guests star.

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